Young people do not want to enlist in China’s army, forced to lower standards


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The number of young people who want to join the Chinese army is continuously decreasing. In view of this deficiency, the National Defense University of China has now reduced the standards. Academic criteria have been reduced due to non-availability of youth for the army. Also, China is now making a policy to include retired soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in compulsory military recruitment.

China has released a draft policy some time back. It states that retired PLA soldiers will be the top priority for compulsory military recruitment in times of war. It also explains how the authority will prepare a list of retired soldiers and others for compulsory military recruitment. Under this regulation, the State Council or the Central Military Commission will issue a mobilization order. On the one hand, there is a plan for compulsory military recruitment for retired soldiers. At the same time, the Chinese army is upset that the youth do not want to join the army.

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According to sources, the number of such youth in China is continuously decreasing who want to make a career in the Armed Forces. Very few students are applying for this. The means of recruitment in the Armed Forces are decreasing students for enrollment in the Chinese Military Academy and Military School. Because of this, China has been forced to reduce the standards.

Beijing’s National Defense Academy, which earlier used to enroll only those students who had at least 600 marks in academics, has now been reduced to 573. The Chinese military is now lowering the standards and expecting more candidates.

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Although there is a shortage of officers and soldiers in the Indian Army, but India has never relaxed the standards. The Defense Ministry told Parliament that there is a shortage of 9712 officers and about 1.09 lakh soldiers in the Indian Armed Forces. In this, 7912 posts of officers and 90640 posts of soldiers are vacant in the Indian Army. But, the Indian Army never thought of reducing the standards.

In the annual press conference last year, when Army Chief General MM Naravane was asked about the shortage of officers, he admitted that there is a shortage of officers in the army, but at the same time said that it is not that people are not applying. He said that lakhs of applications come for 300-350 posts of NDA, but we have not lowered the selection standards. He said that our focus is on quality. If there are five promising officers, they can also do 100 jobs.


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