Copa America 2021 final: Big match between Messi and Neymar, know who is better?


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  • Copa America 2021 final match
  • Brazil and Argentina will clash on Sunday
  • Lioness Messi vs Neymar clash

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The final of the Copa America 2021 is to be played on Sunday, July 11. This title battle will take place at the magnificent Maracan stadium in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Argentina and Brazil will be face to face in this final match, but now Argentina and Brazil will face each other.
It is not limited to the middle of Brazil as the matter has come between Messi and Neymar.

The whole world is a fan of Argentina’s Messi, but Neymar also has his own fan base. Today we are going to tell you which of these two football players is the best.

First of all we talk about the strength of Lioness Messi. He has no break in ball positioning. Once they have the ball, it is not that easy to snatch it. The football also has no problem in passing it to another player. They have a very accurate pass. The world is crazy about Messi’s dribbling skills. Good defenders get dizzy. Hardly anyone else would have been able to take a better free kick than Messi.

The talent and skills of Brazilian players are not hidden from anyone. Neymar very well gives through passes to the players of his team, which are amazing. His dribbling method is also astonishing. Even in the finishing, the 29-year-old player did not break any.

Lionel Messi has played 847 matches in his career so far, in which 138 are international matches. He has a total of 690 goals to his name. The remaining 709 matches have been played for the clubs. Messi also included 326 assists in 847 matches.

Neymar, on the other hand, has played 587 football matches so far in his career, in which he has scored 368 goals and has also given 205 assists. Neymar has 101 international matches and 486 club matches out of 587 football matches. This shows that Neymar is also no less than anyone. The age difference between Neymar and Messi is five years. Messi, on the other hand, is at the end of his career.


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