Kohli’s ‘Virat’ stature: Scottish players listened to Indian captain like a student


After suffering a crushing defeat on the field, when the Scottish players were tying their face in the dressing room, some ‘special guests’ entered the closed room. On taking a look, it was found out that this is the Indian Ranbankure, who had achieved his biggest victory in terms of balls shortly before. After the match, these pictures have set the internet on fire.

listen carefully to everything

The photos have been shared by none other than the Twitter handle of Scotland Cricket Board. While Virat Kohli is saying something standing in the middle, the Scottish cricketer is listening carefully in a careful posture with his hands folded. The slight smile on the lips and the calmness on the face is enough to tell what is going on there.

Not only this, cricket is called a gentleman’s game.

navbharat times

The Scottish Cricket Board has also thanked Kohli and Co. for taking the time. If one team wins on the field, the other is sure to lose. But such scenes outside the field are definitely beneficial for world cricket. Seeing Kohli motivating an entire generation in India, many cricketers in Scotland must have learned to hold the bat.

Interaction with many players including Rohit

navbharat times

It was Captain Kohli’s birthday and the team had to score a big win over Scotland to stay in the semi-final spree. India also won the toss and then the match within the stipulated balls. First Jadeja and Shami made the task easier with their bowling and then the opening pair of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul fired with the bat to make the team the best net run rate in Group 2. With 81 balls to spare, India gave the captain a birthday gift by securing the biggest win in T20 Internationals and put the team in a very strong position at the third position.


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