Video: Caught the ball like a magician in the air, the commentator said- ‘This is the catch of the millennium’


New Delhi
You must have seen amazing catches on the cricket field. Better from one another. From inner field to boundary. Fielders take such catches that they are surprised to see. But seeing this catch, you really will not believe your eyes at first.

In this catch, neither fielder has made an amazing dive on the boundary. Nor did he jump across the boundary and then came to the ground and caught. Nor did he leap into the air. But the catch was such that even the commentators could not believe their eyes.

In this match of European cricket, the batsman must have thought after hitting the shot that the ball is going outside the boundary line and perhaps the fielders standing there must have felt the same. But it didn’t happen.

The bowler bowled a leg spin ball. The batsman went ahead and played the ball over mid-wicket. Although the ball did not hit her bat completely, it was still going smoothly between two fielders running on the boundary.

Then a player running to his right swung the ball through the air. The ball had crossed the boundary but the fielder was within the boundary line. He caught the ball as if a magician had pulled something out of the air.

The speed of the fielder’s escape was not very fast. But his reflexes were such that commentators started calling it the catch of the millennium. You too will be surprised to see this catch.


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