299 only. World’s cheapest Pulse Oximeter arrived in the world, doctor’s advice is also free, hurry up the offer is limited


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  • World’s cheapest Pulse Oximeter launched
  • Price only Rs 299
  • Free doctor’s advice

नई दिल्ली। Worlds Cheapest Oximeter DetelPro Oximeter Oxy10: The outbreak of corona epidemic in India is very fast. While the government is taking full precautions on one hand, the public is also very cautious at their level. In the era of this epidemic, there are many such home gadgets which have become very important, one of which is Pulse Oximeter. Nowadays people are using it a lot at home. Because it is very important to keep the oxygen level right at the time of corona.

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This is the reason why the demand for this device has increased tremendously in the market. Many companies have come forward and launched such Pulse Oximeters whose price is according to the pocket of the users. In this sequence, another company is registering its presence. Actually, DetelPro, the healthcare brand of phone maker company Detel, has launched the world’s cheapest Oximeter in India. It has been named DetelPro Oximeter Oxy10. So let’s know about its price and features.

DetelPro Oximeter Oxy10 Price and Features:

This is the cheapest Oximeter in the world. Its price is only 299 rupees. It can be purchased from the official website of DetelPro. Let us know that its MRP on the company’s website is Rs 3,999. But it is being given for a limited period only for Rs 299. So think no… order now.

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Big money for less effort! You will be able to do work very easily sitting at home, there will be no need to go out
Talk about features. It has an LED display. Through this display, users will be able to see their results easily. In this, users will be able to measure both their oxygen level and pulse. A sensor has been installed in it, in which if there is no activity in it for 8 seconds then it turns off automatically. It has a button through which it is operated.

It also has many other types of services. If you buy the DetelPro Oximeter Oxy10, you will also get free consultation from two doctors. These doctors will be told by the company. In such a situation, this device can not be called bad at Rs 299. Apart from this, 6 months warranty has also been given with DetelPro Oximeter Oxy10.

Let us tell you that some time ago DetelPro launched an Oximeter for Rs 799. Its name was Oximeter DI-OXY10. Along with this, a warranty of 6 months was given.


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