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New Delhi. The well-known smartphone companies of the country and the world have made a lot of changes to make the smartphone more popular, but in the meantime there have been many such works which are not good. Yes, many times smartphone makers make some mistakes to attract customers. Today we are telling you about 5 mistakes made by smartphone maker companies.

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Wrong marketing

Many smartphone companies do wrong marketing to make their products look the best. If nothing is hidden in today’s time, then they are also caught. It started with the Nokia Lumia 920, where video shot using a DSLR could be viewed. Similarly, Huawei also used face DSLR shots for its Nova 3 smartphone ad.

add on smartphone

In this case, Xiaomi is at the forefront, which has shown ads in the Xiaomi Redmi Note series smartphones. These ads were so annoying that people chose to flash their phones. Ads on personal devices are very annoying. In which most of the free apps in the smartphone are already equipped with ads. It spoils the user experience. Along with this, other smartphone maker companies like Realme and Samsung have also started giving ads on their smartphones.

remove headphone jack

Well today there is no complaint for this, because the headphone jack was removed in the iPhone 7 a few years ago. Apple did this because of the innovation in its iPhone, but not many people are happy with it. This seemed to be the worst thing ever done by smartphone makers. Today, not all flagship smartphones come equipped with a headphone jack due to better water resistance and wireless audio technology.

Cheating Benchmark

Let us tell you that some time ago Realme manipulated the Antutu benchmark score for the Realme GT. Due to which this smartphone was banned on the platform for 3 months. However, only Realme is not going to do this. Companies like OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, OPPO and Samsung were also accused of manipulating benchmark scores. At the same time, some companies also block benchmark apps on new smartphones.

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Huge Discount After Launch

All Android smartphone users in India know that Android smartphones get huge discounts shortly after the launch. Samsung often does this with its Galaxy smartphones. This is the worst hit for those customers who buy a launch day smartphone. The price of Android smartphones falls faster than the iPhone. In such a situation, it is advised that whenever a new Android smartphone is launched, then wait after that and then buy that smartphone with huge discount.


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