Amazing auction! Smartwatch of 3700, selling for Rs 37 lakh, has a direct connection to space


Apple Watch was launched in 2015 but did you know that there was a smartwatch inspired by Apple which was made long before Apple Watch and it was also quite popular. This watch was made by Seiko and is now being auctioned off.

A 1988 “WristMac” Smartwatch is being auctioned on It is expected that it can be auctioned for $25,000 i.e. around Rs 18,62,400 to $50,000 i.e. around Rs 37,24,900.

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While WristMac was built by Seiko, it was used by astronauts on the Atlantis spacecraft. A portable Macintosh was provided inside the WristMac. It was used to send email.

According to a New York Times report, the smartwatch was used to remind astronauts on the “Atlantis” mission to take pictures of a particular thing or feature on Earth or in the universe. The WristMac will be auctioned on ComicConnect.

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Let us tell you that the bids for WristMac went live on November 22. It will be operational till December 18, 2021. Stephen Fischler, CEO and co-founder of ComicConnect, said, “This is an incredible discovery. It is one of the earliest examples of computing technology. The WristMac has rarely been seen since its launch 30 years ago.

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Let us tell you that this Smartwatch unit was sold for less than $ 50 i.e. about Rs 3,700 during the close-down sale of Kontict Mac Warehouse. But the buyer never opened its original packing.


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