DIZO Watch 2 smartwatch being sold every day, features such that users are unable to stop themselves from buying!


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  • DIZO Watch 2 is available at an affordable price
  • Its display size is huge
  • It is full of health features

New Delhi. The trend of smartphones in India has increased a lot in the last two years. The reason behind this is the features offered in these smartwatches. Let us tell you that it was launched in the market some time back. DIZO Watch 2 Smartwatch is now getting excellent response from customers and customers are buying it daily. Let us tell you that in the last almost one month, about 1 lakh people have bought this smartwatch. This smartwatch is being liked by the customers in a short time. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about its features, due to which people are giving good response to it.

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Dizo Watch 2 was launched in India in the same year as Dizo Watch Pro and since then its sales have continued and this smartwatch has now made a new record. If we talk about the price, then for Realme Dizo Watch 2, customers have to pay Rs 2,999.

Features of Realme Dizo Watch 2

Talking about the gaps of Realme Dizo Watch 2, it has a 1.69-inch display on which 2.5D glass is installed. It has an ultra bright display of 600 nits, which makes the viewing experience much better. This display is 20 percent bigger. The special thing is that due to its brightness, even when you take it in strong light or outdoors, the content given in its display can be read easily, which is its biggest feature. Its middle frame is made of zinc alloy which makes it strong. At the same time, its body is made from metal.

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Talking about the features, it has a plethora of health related functions along with 24H heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, sleep monitor which make it a best smartwatch option for the users. It has a 260mAh battery, which offers it a backup of 10 days, so you will not need to charge this watch again and again.


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