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New Delhi. Tech giant Google has released the annual Year in Search. According to the company’s Year in Search, it presents the most trending topics in news, entertainment, sports and other issues. In a way, it provides information about the mood of the year and the things that matter in that year. The How To search query shows what was going through the minds of users over the course of the year. Through this, the biggest events of the year are looked at and what people have searched for on Google, it gets to know how people have been affected. Here we are telling you about the top 10 How To, which people have searched the most during the year 2021.

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How to register for covid vaccine
As the coronavirus created its outcry, the vaccine brought a lot of relief to the people this year. For this, this year people have searched the most for ‘How to Register for Covid Vaccine’ and it is at the top of the list for the year 2021. This search was done the most in the weeks between 26 February to 5 March and 25 April to 1 May.

how to download vaccine certificate
The second most searched query on Google during the year was related to the vaccine. How To Download Vaccination Certificate This query was most searched in the month of May, June and July.

how to increase oxygen level
The third name in the list of most searched queries of the year is How to increase oxygen level. It has been the most searched on Google during the virus wave in the last week of April and early May. During that time all the hospitals in India were full and the number of Covid patients had crossed 4 lakhs daily.

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Now it has become necessary to link AADHAAR with PAN card to file income tax. Due to this, this year’s search query How to link PAN with Aadhaar has topped Google in the last week of March.

how to make oxygen at home
During the second wave of corona virus in India, there was a severe shortage of oxygen. During this, the search query ‘How to make oxygen at home’ was on top on Google. The discovery of oxygen cylinders had driven people crazy during this period.

How to Buy Dogecoin in India
After the rise in the price of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also became popular, after which Dogecoin is the most searched other cryptocurrency in India.

how to make banana bread
In Punjab, this search query has been at the top in the months of August and September.

navbharat times
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How to Check IPO Allotment Status
IPOs are becoming very popular in India. The interest levels have fluctuated over the years due to the volatility in the stock market in the country. In such a situation, the IPO, which is considered the safest in the stock market, was the most searched.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity as an investment option in India. Bitcoin, a form of cryptocurrency, has been the most liked and because of that it has been the most searched on Google.

how to calculate percentage of numbers
Google’s most searched query includes How to Calculate Percentage of Marks. Due to the cancellation of board exams this year and the criteria used by CBSE to calculate class 10 and 12 exams, students took to Google to get more information.


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