Increase the speed of laptop without adding anti virus in 1 minute, work will be done at high speed!


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  • Laptop speed will be super fast
  • Speed ​​can increase without anti virus
  • Hanging issue will also end

New Delhi. If your laptop has been slow for a long time and you have problems working on it, then today we are going to tell you such a method, after following it, its speed will increase in a big way and you will have to work on it while working on it. It’s going to be fun. Actually, when your laptop becomes slow, then you do not enjoy working on it. Seeing this problem, today we have brought you the best tips which are of great use and will get rid of the problem of smartphone hanging.

format laptop

If your laptop is hanging for a long time or its speed is decreasing due to which it takes you a lot of time to do your work, then today we are going to tell you the easiest way to increase the speed of the laptop. If you have any important documents in your laptop, then save them in a separate pen drive, once your laptop is empty, then format it and after that you will find that the speed of the laptop automatically up to 40 percent faster than before. Would have happened. This method always works and due to this the health of the laptop is also better. You must keep formatting your laptop from time to time.

RAM is less then don’t put anti virus

Many people’s laptops have less RAM, due to which your laptop also starts having problems. Although many people think that it can be got rid of by putting anti virus. Let me tell you that this is not the case at all. If there is a problem with your laptop, then remove the heavy files from it and get it formatted but never put anti virus because it will not increase the speed of the laptop but will reduce it more.

increase ram

As we told you that if the RAM in your smartphone is reduced, then you can increase the speed of your laptop by increasing it. This is a very accurate method which always works and due to this the speed of your laptop becomes very fast. If you also have less RAM in your laptop and you want to get rid of this problem forever, then as a permanent solution, definitely increase the RAM of the laptop and easily do your office work in superfast speed.

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