Smartphone sensors change over time, phone photography reaches 200MP with VGA camera


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New Delhi. How have smartphone camera sensors changed in the last nine months of 2021? Many brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung and others have adopted different types of technology. Companies are bringing many types of technologies not only for selfie but also in rear camera. The trends or new technical benchmarks we see in the coming months could also be interesting. , Counterpoint Smartphone Camera Tracker is answering all these questions and many other things.

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The most popular 48MP and 64MP camera sensors are-
During the second quarter of 2021, rear camera smartphones with 48MP and above megapixels accounted for 43 percent of total sales. It was 38.7 percent in the last quarter, which has increased significantly now. 64MP’s share grew 3.5% quarter-on-quarter to 14% during the second quarter of the year.

Among the models priced between Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000, 48MP and 64MP camera sensors are popular-
According to the report, 48MP and 64MP smartphones were very popular among models priced between $ 200 i.e. around Rs 15,000 and $ 400 i.e. around Rs 30,000.

For DSLR-like quality, flagship smartphones are used for large area sensors-
Flagship smartphones mostly have large area sensors to deliver professional performance like DSLR. Of these, 50MP is the most widely adopted. If seen, the share of 108MP has come down to 3.1 percent. But the affordable 0.7µm-based 108MP sensor is spreading to mid-range models from OEMs like Xiaomi Redmi and Realme.

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12MP camera sensor given in Samsung’s folding phone and Apple iPhone 13 series
With the launch of Samsung’s Z series in August and Apple’s iPhone 13 series in September, the 12MP camera sensor has seen significant growth in the second half of the year.

Front cameras with 20MP and above resolution were fine-
Talking about the front camera, sales of the high-end models with 20MP and above resolution declined, due to which the segment remained flat.

Flagship Android phones can boast of high-resolution front cameras
The report is expected to continue to improve the resolution of the front-facing cameras of the high-end smartphones that are being offered with 32MP and even 48MP image sensors.

Samsung’s 200MP camera sensor will come in 2022-
In September, Samsung pushed the smartphone camera image sensor industry towards 200MP with the new ISOCELL HP1 sensor. It can be made available in the flagship model in the coming time.


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