Snoring but if you do not agree, then the app will open the poll, it will also tell why you are not getting good sleep.


If you snore at night but do not listen to anyone, then now the new feature of Fitbit app will open your poll. Yes, the latest version of the app by activity trackers and wearables manufacturer Fitbit will help detect snoring and noise at night as well as many other sleep features.

This will also explain why you are not getting good sleep.
With the Fitbit 3.42 rolling out via the Play Store, Google’s acquired health app will also help users find out why you’re not getting a good sleep or feel unrest in the morning.

The app will start its work after the user sleeps
9To5Google reported that with “Snore & Noise Detect” enabled, Fitbit will turn on its microphone when it finds that users have fallen asleep, then start hearing ambient noise, including your potential snoring. Apart from snoring, the app will also be able to tell how the background noise is in the bedroom, the app will measure it on a scale ranging from “very quiet” to “very fast”.
Fitbit is also working on another sleep-related feature, titled “Your sleep animal”. Unlike snoring detection, many things are still in the development phase.

Lock your Aadhaar card quickly, an SMS will work, even hackers will not be able to steal data

The company is also issuing two-factor authentication support
The company recently announced that it was finally releasing support for two-factor authentication (2FA). On Android and iOS, Fitbit users are beginning to see an “Increase your security” prompt that explains how two-factor authentication (2FA) gives you an extra layer of security.
Fitbit’s 2FA system looks at the code sent to the user’s phone via SMS. This is not the safest approach when looking at career spoofing, but better than nothing at this point.


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