The most unique will be the Facebook Smartwatch! Shoot photo-videos and share them directly on social media; View Price


The Facebook smartwatch is said to debut early next year. The social media giant is reportedly already set to launch the first smartwatch and work on the second and third generations. The Facebook smartwatch is tipped to introduce a slew of next generation features on the upcoming smartwatch. The device will have two cameras inside the body along with a detachable display.

Facebook will also allow smartwatch users to send messages within the device. Along with the specific health and fitness features, the upcoming smartwatch by Facebook includes interesting features.

The Facebook smartwatch will directly compete with the best-selling Apple Watches with smartwatches from big tech brands like Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and others. Traditional watch makers are also hopping on the smartwatch bandwagon with their latest tech-enabled watches.

facebook smartwatch launch date
The Facebook smartwatch launch is said to happen early next year, reportedly next summer. The upcoming smartwatch will be available worldwide including India.

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Facebook Smartwatch Features, Specs

  • Talking about Facebook smartwatch features, the company’s upcoming smartwatch will have a display that can be separated from the body. Interestingly, the Facebook smartwatch will also have dual cameras. The camera feature will probably work differently.
  • The detachable part of the wrist can be removed and you will be able to click pictures and videos with it. Facebook is the creator, so you’ll probably be able to share them directly on various Facebook apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • The front camera of the Facebook smartwatch will support video calling, and there will be a full HD camera at the back for capturing photos and videos. As a recent report from The Verge, you can detach it from the wrist and capture
  • The detachable functionality on the smartwatch will set it apart from its competitors. According to reports, Facebook is working with other companies where cameras can be attached to things like backpacks while traveling.
  • The Facebook smartwatch can be used in many ways like you would with a smartphone. Now in terms of calling and connectivity, the Facebook smartwatch is expected to offer LTE connectivity on the smartwatch along with generic health and fitness features.

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Facebook smartwatch variants, color options
The Facebook smartwatch is expected to come in three color options, which could include White, Black and Gold. There could probably be a blue variant as well.

Facebook smartwatch price in India, availability
The price of the first generation Facebook smartwatch can start from around $400. The price of Facebook smartwatch in India can start from around Rs 30,000. The availability of the Facebook smartwatch will be confirmed in a few months, which is expected by the summer of 2022.


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