The public loves RAM! How many GB RAM do you need in the phone? The public gave these funny answers in the survey


RAM is a very important feature of any smartphone. It’s a kind of super-fast memory that stores the apps you’ve opened since you turned on your phone. It helps you to return to the app you used earlier. Because of this, you can pick up where you left off without delay. Without RAM, apps close automatically when you switch to another app. This can cause a lot of delays when revisiting an app you’ve used before. So in short words we can say that the more RAM a phone has, the better it performs.

Recently a survey was done by AndroidAuthority Portal. This helped in understanding the consumer preferences for the RAM size in the smartphone.

8GB is the most popular RAM size
A survey conducted by the AndroidAuthority portal saw participation from around 40,000 users and yielded some interesting results. The two options were found to be more popular among users. The majority (32%) voted in favor of 8 GB, stating that it is sufficient for the time being. At the same time, a significant number of respondents (25.9%) thought that 6 GB would be enough. While 15% of users are satisfied with 4 GB, about 20% prefer 12 GB or more. It should be noted that the overall results are not surprising. 8GB RAM has become a common option even in mid-range smartphones. So, surprisingly, this was the most popular answer.

New phones are coming with RAM that can be expanded virtually
One of the latest trends in the market is the virtual expansion of RAM. This is achieved by allocating an additional amount of internal storage. This technology is already being practiced by various industry players like Huawei, Vivo, Nubia, OnePlus and Xiaomi. This new trend of “swapping” RAM allows you to increase the speed of data processing and launch several applications at the same time.

Vivo X60 Pro comes with this feature to increase the amount of RAM to around 3GB. So, users are able to use 11GB and 15GB respectively instead of 8GB and 12GB. Oppo is also preparing to increase the RAM to 7GB.

It should be noted that the amount of RAM on the smartphone does not increase, but simply borrows a part of the built-in memory. This results in additional space for ongoing tasks.


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