These are the 4 cheapest smart LED music lights equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, the price is just Rs 300!


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  • Bluetooth speaker is being given in smart lights
  • Price will fit in your budget
  • Remote control is given with them

New Delhi. Although there is a good range of smart LED lighting in India, but if you want to make the ambiance of your home the best, then for this such smart LED lights have also come in the market in which Bluetooth speaker is also provided. This Bluetooth speaker is made to work with lighting which you can also access with a remote. If you also want to replace the normal bulb of your house and install smart bluetooth lighting in its place, then today we are going to tell you about the cheapest options available on Flipkart which will easily fit in your budget.

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Tog LED music bulb hx-015 Smart Bulb

This bulb is bluetooth enabled, it has a great smart LED light which can be controlled by your smartphone via bluetooth. It can be controlled via smartphone or tablet / Bluetooth-LED lamp. This smart bulb offers lighting and music simultaneously. Its illumination is equal to that of a 50 watt halogen bulb. This is a LED music bulb. It is made of plastic. Its price is just Rs 297.

AOUclub music light bulb Smart music light

The cost of AOUclub music light bulb Smart music light is Rs.295. In this, customers get to see blinking disco lights, which doubles the fun of listening to music. It is of 12 W power, which emits excellent light.

GIVON Smart LED Music Light Bulb with Bluetooth

Givon presents Music Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker. It can be used for bedroom, living room, party decoration and with this you are given a remote control. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 and you can sync music with lighting. Talking about its price, customers can buy it for just Rs 299.

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ECOELECTRA TM Music bulb Smart Bulb

The ECOELECTRA TM Music bulb Smart Bulb is priced at Rs 299 and also offers a Bluetooth speaker that will be loved by music lovers. Using this bulb, you can convert your home into a party place in minutes.


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