You can see how much pollution is around you with a smartphone, know what is its process


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  • You can know air quality from smartphone
  • Pollution report is available in minutes
  • This method is helpful in protecting the family from pollution

New Delhi. As always, this year also the climate of many cities has become poisonous. People are having trouble breathing. The smoke has made life difficult for the people. However, all the countries around the world including India are making all efforts to recover from air pollution. In such a situation, how do you check the quality of the air around you? How to know if the air around you is dangerous? AQI i.e. Air Quality Index works to find out this.

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Know how to check AQI or Air Quality Index?
Let us tell you that you can check the AQI or Air Quality Index with the help of many apps or websites. Here we are going to tell you about the Air Quality Index and how to check it from mobile app or website.

0-50 :
If the index comes between 0-50, then tell that this is kept in the good category. That is, you can say that the air around you is clean.

If the index falls between 51-100, then understand that the air is not clean. In this, sensitive people are suggested to reduce outdoor activity.
101-200 :
If the index falls between 101-200 then it is called moderate. In this situation, the chances of sensitive people falling ill are high.

201 – 300:
An index between 201 – 300 is considered to be the worst, it is placed in the poor category. In this situation you may fall ill.

The index between 301-400 is placed in the very poor category. This is very dangerous. In this situation people are advised not to step out of their homes.

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If the index falls between 401-500, then it is placed in the severe category. In this situation people come in the high risk zone. People are advised to wear PM 2.5 masks to keep themselves safe.

Let us tell you that after Diwali, the AQI in most cities becomes more than 450. In this, common people start having problems like breathing problem. In such a situation, you can find out the AQI of your city with the help of some apps and websites.
Not only this, you can also easily find out AQI from Google search. Google has also shared a post on Twitter regarding this. You can also take the help of AccuWeather app or website to get the AQI information. Apart from this, AQI can also be detected from the AirNow website.


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