1,70,312 km long glacier breaking in Antarctica, will the coastal areas of Mumbai sink?


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  • The source of unfathomable water on Earth has begun to crack in the glacial thaws of Antarctica.
  • This glacier is 170,312 km long, which is equal to the US state of Florida.
  • This glacier will break in the next 5 years, due to which the sea level will rise by 25 inches.

The glacial thaws, which brought devastation to Antarctica, the source of unfathomable water on the earth, have started cracking. This glacier is 170,312 km long, which is equal to the US state of Florida. Experts have warned that this glacier will break in the next 5 years, which will increase the water level in the world by 25 inches. Due to this, many areas of the coastal cities of the world like Mumbai can be submerged in water.

Experts said that the speed of the crack coming in this Thwaites Glacier is very high. The water released from this ice would account for 4 percent of the total rise in sea level globally. According to the latest data released on Monday, the warming water of the ocean is weakening the hold of Thwaites Glacier from Antarctica. Due to this cracks are coming on the surface of the glacier. Satellite data in this regard has been presented at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
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Globally, sea level will rise by up to 25%
It is visible that there are many huge and oblique cracks in the glacier. The researchers said, ‘If the floating ice sheet breaks, then the Thwaites Glacier will increase the global sea level by up to 25 percent. Expert Professor Ted Skabos told the BBC, ‘There is probably going to be a big change on the glacier front in less than a decade. Various research points in this direction.

These will accelerate the rate of rupture of the Thwaites Glacier and expand it. Irene Pettit, head of the research team at Oregon State University, who carried out this research, said that just like the front glass of a car splits into many pieces when it is hit with a slight blow, some are also here in the same way. He said that this will lead to a three-fold increase in sea level at the global level. Not only this, after the breakup of this glacier, more glaciers will be separated from Antarctica. According to a research, at least 600 billion tons of ice have been lost since the 1980s.


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