2022 Winter Olympics Boycott: European Parliament gives big blow to China, announces boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics


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  • European Parliament passed many resolutions against China
  • Europe united against human rights abuses of Uighur Muslims
  • Announcement of boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

In a big blow to China, the European Parliament has announced a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. European Parliament lawmakers agreed that we should decline China’s invitation to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics because of human rights abuses. These lawmakers demanded from their governments that they should impose more restrictions on China’s behavior towards Uighur Muslims. Apart from this, European countries should support pro-democracy in Hong Kong.

Which resolutions were passed against China?
Among the resolutions passed by the European Parliament also include banning Hong Kong government officials. Apart from this, he also called for the termination of the extradition treaty with China with immediate effect and the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. Germany’s Reinhard Butikofer, chairman of the China delegation to the European Parliament, introduced the resolution, saying that the consensus on these issues in the European Parliament is very strong. We will fight to ensure that Member State Governments in Europe also take a firm stand.

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European countries not obliged to accept the proposal
However, a member country is not bound to accept this resolution of the European Parliament. Reinhard Butikofer, who himself introduced the resolution, said it was clear that many EU member states and the European Commission are also reluctant to speak out against China’s repressive measures in Hong Kong. Despite increasing criticism of China in the European Union, many European governments have been hesitant to direct confrontation.

China expressed strong opposition
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on the proposal that China strongly opposes the politicization of sport and interference in our internal affairs by using human rights issues as an excuse. He said that attempts to sabotage and sabotage the preparation and organization of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games for political reasons are extremely irresponsible. China said it would only harm the interests of athletes from all countries and the international Olympics.

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Rebellion in these two countries of Europe against China, at one place, thousands of people took to the streets and surrounded Parliament
Why a big blow to China?
This resolution of the European Parliament is being considered a big setback for China. For the past few years, China has been trying to strengthen its ties with European countries. China’s plan is to fill America’s gap in Europe. During the tenure of Donald Trump, America had disputes with European countries on many issues. China saw an opportunity in this and without delay, it started making inroads among the European countries. China has also started China CEEC Corporation to strengthen its hold in Europe. With the help of which he is also giving huge loans to many countries of Europe.


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