A mysterious asteroid has been present near the Earth for years, scientists said – maybe a ‘piece of the moon’


A small asteroid was seen orbiting close to Earth. According to a research published on November 11 in Nature Communications Earth and Environment magazine, this asteroid could be a piece of the moon. which was broken in ancient times. Researchers say that if this is confirmed, then this asteroid will be the first celestial body near Earth to be born from the Moon.

According to researchers, it can help shed light on the history of our planet and moon. This asteroid is being called Kamo`oalewa. Astronomers discovered it in 2016 using the PanSTARRS telescope in Hawaii. This object is about 4 million times fainter than what is seen with the naked human eye.
Asteroid reached ‘a few’ km away from Earth and scientists did not realize why?
ferris wheel shaped asteroid
Every April the rock’s orbit brings it so close to Earth that it is briefly visible to our most powerful telescopes. However, even during this time it is at a distance of about 9 million miles or 14.4 million kilometers from the Earth. Investigations have shown that the asteroid is shaped like a Ferris wheel with a diameter of no more than 190 feet (58 m).

Discovered over many years
Because of its near-Earth orbit, this asteroid fits into the quasi-satellite category, celestial bodies that orbit the Sun but remain extremely close to Earth. Astronomers have detected many quasi-satellites in the past. Using a telescope larger than the top of a mountain in southern Arizona, the researchers observed the asteroid closely during their regular April visits for several years.


Photo : Addy Graham/University of Arizona


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