Alarm bells for Ukraine! Russia preparing to attack with 175,000 soldiers, claims report


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  • Russia preparing to attack Ukraine with 175,000 soldiers from multiple fronts
  • Washington Post report claims Russian activities on Ukraine border
  • Defense Minister of Ukraine said – the number of soldiers may increase by the end of January

Russia is preparing to launch a multi-front attack with 175,000 troops next year. The Washington Post had given this information in its report. Earlier, Ukraine had warned that a large-scale attack could be planned next month. A US administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Moscow’s plans include widespread movement of 100 battalion groups with an estimated 175,000 soldiers with armor, artillery and other equipment.

The Pentagon told AFP it would not comment on the intelligence matter. The US Defense Ministry says it is deeply concerned about evidence indicating “Russia has planned aggressive actions against Ukraine”. Pentagon spokesman Lt Col Tony Semmelroth said: “We are supporting a diplomatic solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine to de-escalate tensions in the region.”
Ukraine is preparing for war to deal with Russia, buys weapons of mass destruction, world towards world war?
Biden said – preparing to stop Russian attack
The report, quoting an unclassified US document, said that the Russian military is currently working extensively on four fronts. In addition to new tanks and artillery, 50 battlefield tactical groups have been deployed. The Post, citing its sources, said that commuting on the border is meant to take some strategic step and create uncertainty. US President Joe Biden has said he is formulating new policies to prevent any Russian plans to attack Ukraine.

Russian army may increase by the end of January
Both Washington and Kiev have informed that Russia has deployed troops along the Ukrainian border. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov estimated that Russia has about 100,000 troops near the border. Russia, on the other hand, is denying any military deployment. Reznikov says the number of troops and equipment could possibly be increased by the end of January.


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