Attempt to kill Turkish President Erdogan, bomb was planted in police vehicle


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  • There has been an attempt to kill Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  • According to Turkish media reports, the police have recovered a bomb from a car.
  • This car was to be deployed in Erdogan’s convoy in the country’s Sirte province

An attempt has been made to kill Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish media reports that police have recovered a bomb from a car that was to be deployed in Erdogan’s convoy in the country’s southeastern province of Sirt. Erdogan was to attend an event in Sirte. It is being told that this bomb was planted under the security car of the police. Turkish police have made this disclosure at a time when the country’s economy has reached the abyss and Erdogan is under criticism.

The bomb disposal squad of Turkish police has destroyed the bomb and forensic experts are investigating the bomb. Along with this, fingerprints are being searched in the police vehicle. Police are looking for people who attempted to murder by planting a bomb in the vehicle. No one has been arrested yet. Even after this revelation, Erdogan joined the program and he said in his speech that there is no place for terrorism in the future of the country and the region.
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Attempts to kill Erdogan in 2016
Erdogan said that his country will continue to fight until the end of terrorism, both inside and outside the country. It is being told that the car belonged to a police officer who was to join Erdogan’s convoy. This bomb was exposed when a friend of this police officer noticed that something was planted under the car. After that it was investigated and the bomb was exposed.

Let us tell you that in the past there have been attempts to kill President Erdogan in Turkey. In 2016, there was an attempt to kill Erdogan. During this, 50 rebels had reached the place by helicopter, where Erdogan was vacationing. Erdogan had fled just before the rebels arrived. In this case, a Turkish court sentenced 40 people to life imprisonment. Many ex-servicemen and top officers were among those who conspired.


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