China’s birth rate at the lowest level in 43 years, government under pressure to stop population decline


China’s birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1978. This comes at a time when the government is struggling to address the demographic crisis. ‘The Guardian’ has claimed this in a recent report. Citing data from China’s government department, the National Bureau of Statistics, the report said that the birth rate in 2020 has been recorded at 8.5 per thousand people, the lowest since 1978.

The most worrying thing for China is that even after all the government schemes, the natural growth rate in the country has come down to 1.45 per thousand in 2020. The report said the government is under pressure to halt the potential population decline after decades of interventionist policies on childbirth and recent pressures, including high living costs.
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Chinese government trying to increase birth rate
The most surprising thing is that the birth rate of children in China has fallen badly at a time when the Chinese government is trying to increase the birth rate of children. While the report did not give a reason for the dramatic decline, demographers pointed to a falling number of women of childbearing age and rising costs of raising a family.

people not ready to give birth to children
Statistics have shown that the birth rate in China has been falling continuously for the past several years. Even after relaxing the ‘one child policy’, the people of China are no longer ready to give birth to children. China is the world’s most populous country, and despite the decades-old one-child policy being scrapped in recent years, China’s youth population is rapidly declining and birth rates have increased, raising concerns about the government.


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