Dada insisted on marrying grandson, 80 year old Pakistani groom reached in-laws’ house while dancing


A Pakistani wedding is making headlines these days on social media. Giving information on Sunday, 24NewsHD TV channel said that an 80-year-old man has found a new bride. His grandchildren are very happy with the marriage of the elderly. The Pakistani man’s name is Abdul Razzaq, who is a resident of Aryan village in Lodhraan district.

married to a bride of 60 years
Razzaq expressed his desire to marry at the age of 80 and his grandchildren respected their grandfather’s wish and arranged the marriage. The procession of the elderly proceeded with all the customs. Razzaq’s grandsons went to the bride’s house in dozens of cars and performed all the wedding rituals. Eventually, 80-year-old Razzaq got married to his new 60-year-old bride.

Elderly groom dancing happily
Razzaq was so happy with his marriage that he could not hide it. Eventually he started dancing to express the joy of marriage. According to Seraiki culture the best companion of the groom was with him in the form of ‘Shabala’. Different countries around the world follow different rules of marriage. Saudi Arabia has banned its male citizens from marrying women from four countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar.

Different rules of marriage around the world
According to a report, this announcement has been made to prevent Saudi Arabian men from marrying expatriate and expatriate women. In France, it is a rule to marry a deceased spouse posthumously. This process began during the First World War when women were married off to proxy soldiers who had died weeks earlier.


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