DART Mission: Why is NASA going to get the spacecraft to collide with the asteroid? know everything


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  • NASA will get the spacecraft to collide with asteroid, launching on 24
  • Falcon 9 rocket will be launched from SpaceX, there will be a collision in 2022
  • It will help in changing the direction of the dangerous asteroid coming towards the earth.

The US space agency NASA is going to deliberately collide its DART spacecraft with an asteroid. This is not an old spacecraft, whose age and functionality have been reached. Rather, this spacecraft has been programmed to crash. The Dart is designed for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test. For this test, the DART spacecraft will be launched by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket on November 24 at 11.50 am IST.

What is DART mission
Actually, NASA wants to test whether the direction of a dangerous asteroid coming towards Earth can be changed. To do this, NASA is going to conduct the first such test. Every day, from refrigerators to cars, small and large asteroids enter our Earth’s orbit. Most of these are destroyed by the friction of the atmosphere. However, many such asteroids still exist in space, which can threaten the Earth.

What is the purpose of the DART mission
The spacecraft is about to collide with a small asteroid called Dimorphos. It is orbiting a large asteroid Didymos. The length of the asteroid that strikes Dart is around 169 meters. Scientists hope that this collision will change both the direction and speed of the asteroid. However, this asteroid is not a threat to our earth. If this experiment is successful, then NASA can change the direction of dangerous asteroids coming towards Earth in the future.

See how NASA launched Dart mission
You can watch the launch of the DART spacecraft live on NASA TV. The time for its launch has been fixed on 23 November at 10:20 pm (24 November in India, 11:50 am). However, this does not necessarily mean that NASA will be successful in the very first attempt. For this the launching window has been opened for this entire month. The launch can be postponed due to bad weather or any technical snag.

Know about Dimorphos Asteroid
The asteroid, which is about to collide with the Dort spacecraft, is named Dimorphos. It is a space rock full of dust moving around in our solar system. Its length is around 169 meters and width is half a mile. This asteroid is orbiting another asteroid bigger than itself, Didymos. The DART spacecraft will be ready to navigate autonomously and collide with Dimorphos in late 2022. At that time this asteroid will be about 7 million miles from Earth.

NASA spacecraft will collide with asteroid


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