Dilip Kumar: Peshawar used to reside in Dilip Kumar’s heart, Pakistan had given the highest respect


Born in Peshawar city of Pakistan, legendary Bollywood star and ‘tragedy king’ Dilip Kumar passed away at the age of 98 at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. The death of Dilip Kumar, who has been ailing for a long time, has become inconsolable not only in India but also in Pakistan. Born in the Kisa Khawani Bazar area of ​​Peshawar city, this Pakistani city resided in the heart of Dilip Kumar alias Yusuf Khan. Even after getting so much fame in Mumbai, Dilip Kumar always remembered his city and his ancestral home. Dilip Kumar once said that my childhood in Peshawar was the best year of my life. Born in Peshawar, Dilip Kumar was awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest civilian honour, by the Government of Pakistan. Let’s know what Dilip Kumar used to say after remembering Peshawar.

Dilip Kumar learned from Peshawar to choose scripts for films

Dilip Kumar had said, ‘In Peshawar I was always curious to see things around me at that time. I used to follow my mother everywhere and when my mother and her aunt were talking to each other, I would listen to them. The first lesson I learned about storytelling was from my mother. This later helped me choose scripts for films. He once wrote on his Twitter handle, I used to live in Peshawar with my parents, grandparents and many uncles and aunties. My house used to resonate with laughter. My mother often used to meet me in the kitchen where she worked very hard. I still remember sitting inside the house drinking tea with family members. It was a big room where women used to pray. There was a terrace, bedroom and everything. I remember walking on my grandfather’s back and grandmother’s horror stories. He had requested people to share pictures of their ancestral home. After this, a large number of people shared the pictures of Dilip Kumar’s house.

Dilip Kumar’s ancestral home will become a museum

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The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan has approved the purchase of the ancestral homes of actors Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor in Peshawar, which will be converted into a museum. Peshawar District Commissioner Capt (Retd) Khalid Mahmood overruled the objections of the present owners of the actors’ houses and ordered the handing over of both the houses to the Archaeological Department. According to the notification issued by the office of the District Commissioner, ‘The land (house of Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor) will remain in the name of the acquiring department i.e. Director Archeology and Museums’. The provincial government fixed the price of Kapoor’s house at Rs 1.5 crore while that of Kumar’s house at Rs 80 lakh. However, Ali Qadir, owner of Kapoor’s ancestral mansion, demanded Rs 20 crore while Gul Rehman, owner of Kumar’s ancestral house, demanded Rs 3.5 crore for the property.

Dilip Kumar’s house is 100 years old


Actor Dilip Kumar’s ancestral home is almost 100 years old. The house is in a dilapidated condition and was declared a national heritage by the then Nawaz Sharif government in 2014. The owner of this historic building tried several times to demolish it and make it a commercial plaza, but all such efforts were stopped as the Archaeological Department wanted to preserve them due to their historical importance. This house is in Kissa Khwani Bazar of Peshawar. It is said that Raj Kapoor also has an ancestral mansion next to it. The ancestral residence of Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor is in a dilapidated condition. There was a fear of being demolished, so the provincial government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan has decided to buy the ancestral houses of Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is also the home state of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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