Divers were stunned when ‘Alien’ appeared in the sea! Weird texture with no eyes, ears and mouth


Despite all the scientific discoveries and techniques, we still know very little about the world under the sea. There are still many such marine creatures that are no less than a surprise to humans. One such creature was seen in Egypt which had neither eyes, nor ears, nor mouth. Divers were surprised to see this tube-like creature. Some people called it ‘Alien’ but it is also true that no one has seen Alien either.

Those who saw this creature with their own eyes also include Lukas Ostertag of Heidelberg, Germany. He saw it on the Satya Reef, off the coast of Egypt. He said that it was shaped like a long square pipe with a pointed end. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Ostertag said it was a very strange creature and no one knew about it. It is speculated that it is a polyp or some other organism.
Scorpions used to rule the sea of ​​China as long as humans, used to eat fishes 43 million years ago
Another group disclosed the identity
Some people are calling it a sea worm and some are calling it a plant. People have never seen a creature like this before. One group is also calling it a jellyfish. Ostertag, who saw the creature, shared its photo. Seeing which social media users also got confused and started guessing what could it be? Another group observing the creature called it Thysanostoma lauriferum, which originally belongs to the jellyfish family.

Uncovered the secret of the mysterious creature
It was spotted by several groups of underwater divers who took photographs and made videos on the basis of which it was identified. Ostertag explained that the creature we saw was actually just the remaining hand of a jellyfish. Which was probably made a victim by some sea creature. The rest of his body was floating in the water.


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