Druzhba-2021: Pakistan Army conducting maneuvers with Russia, why alarm bells rang for India? understand


India’s evergreen friend Russia is doing maneuvers with Pakistan these days. The exercise, named Druzhba-2021 (Druzhba-2021), has been conducted in the Molkino Range in the Krasnodar Territory of Russia. To take part in this exercise, soldiers of the Special Operation Group of the Pakistani Army had reached Moscow a few days ago. This exercise will start on 27 September and will continue till 6 October. India’s concern has also increased with Pakistan and Russia coming together.

Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement
The Russian Defense Ministry has also issued a statement regarding this exercise. It said that the objective of this exercise is to strengthen and develop bilateral military cooperation. Not only this, it has also been told in the statement that the soldiers of both the countries will also complete many types of military tasks. This includes killing armed groups along with anti-terrorism operations. 100-100 soldiers of Russia and Pakistan are participating in this exercise.

Russia-Pakistan have been conducting joint exercises since 2016
Russia and Pakistan organize joint exercise – Druzhba every year since 2016. Russia had earlier said that India should not be bothered about its relations with Pakistan. Russia had said that Moscow was committed to strengthen ties with Islamabad, as it is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

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Imran invites Putin to visit Pakistan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin a few days ago. In this phone call made in the name of the situation in Afghanistan, Imran Khan even invited Putin to visit Pakistan. Russia said a few months ago that it has signed an agreement to lay a pipeline from Russia’s Kasur city to Pakistan’s Karachi city. Due to which speculations were made to increase the economic ties between the two countries.

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Russian Foreign Minister reached Pakistan after 9 years in April
On 6 April this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reached New Delhi on a 19-hour visit to India. Then it was told from the Russian side that the purpose of this visit is to finalize the preparations for the annual India-Russia summit. After the visit to India, the Russian Foreign Minister also visited Pakistan. Russia has been shunning Pakistan from the very beginning regarding relations with India. But, after 2009, restless Russia began to strengthen its ties with Pakistan with the formation of closer ties between India and the US. This is the reason that despite India’s opposition, the Russian army conducted joint exercises with Pakistan.

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Russia to give special military weapons to Pakistan
The Russian Foreign Minister then announced that his country would provide special military weapons to Pakistan. It was also agreed to enhance cooperation in fighting terrorism and conduct joint naval and land exercises between the two Cold War rivals. Russia, however, did not specify what weapons it would give to Pakistan. Obviously India was worried about this thing of Russia.


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