Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite rang alarm bells in space, survived 1600 collisions


Elon Musk’s company SpaceX plans to launch about 12 thousand Starlink satellites to bring fast-speed internet around the world. Of these, 1500 have been launched and the data so far only gives a glimpse of what could be the result of such a huge number of satellites orbiting the Earth. According to an estimate, these satellites of SpaceX are involved in half of the incidents of two objects in the sky.

Satellites come very close
Their operators have to constantly take care not to collide with other spacecraft or debris. According to a study by the University of Southampton, hundreds of Starlink satellites are in the sky, which increases the possibility of a collision. Researchers have found that an average of 1600 events each week involve the Starlink satellite. Many times it happens that two objects are within one km of each other.

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danger to other satellites
According to the report of Space.com, when two spacecraft collide, so much debris can be released that many other nearby satellites can be threatened. Hugh Lewis of the Astronautics Research Group has done a data analysis about this. He says that a dangerous trend is being seen with the launch of Starlink. They started looking at the data from May 2019. Since then such incidents have more than doubled.

The data found that the Starlink satellites encountered other spacecraft an average of 500 times each week. At the same time, 250 satellites of Britain’s OneWeb came in front of 80 other operators. Lewis says that this problem will deepen as the number of Starlink satellites increases.

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