Europe Coronavirus: Don’t take corona lightly! New wave of corona may come in 53 countries, WHO expressed apprehension


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  • WHO official fears new wave of corona
  • 5 lakh people may die in a large area of ​​53 countries
  • Dr. Klege said, Europe is again at the center of the epidemic

Corona cases have started increasing again in many countries of the world. In such a situation, the top WHO official has feared that a new wave of corona may come in a large area of ​​53 countries. Yes, the head of the World Health Organization’s regional office, Dr. Hans Klez, said on Thursday that the number of cases has started rising again to near-record levels and the speed of spread in the region is a matter of ‘grave concern’. He has created concern by saying that if this continues, five lakh more people may die due to the epidemic by February.

The regions of 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia are at risk of another wave of the corona virus or are already facing a new wave of epidemics.
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“We stand at a critical juncture in the outbreak of the pandemic,” he told reporters at the organization’s Europe headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. “Europe is again at the epicenter of the pandemic where we were a year ago,” he said. Dr. Klege said the difference is that health officials know more about the virus and have better tools to combat it.

He said measures to contain the spread of the virus and low vaccination rates in some areas explain why cases are increasing. Dr. Klege said that the hospitalization rate of people due to Covid has more than doubled in the region of 53 countries in the last one week.

He said that if this situation continues, five lakh more people may die in the region by February due to the pandemic.

The organization’s Europe office said the region had nearly 1.8 million weekly cases, a six percent increase from the previous week, while weekly deaths were 24,000, a 12 percent increase.

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