Even today, Muslims produce the most children in India, know what is the condition of Hindus


India has the largest number of children being born among Muslims among other religions amid ongoing population control efforts around the world. After this comes the number of Hindus. People who believe in Jainism produce the least number of children. This has been revealed in the latest report of US think tank Pew Research. In the same report, it has been said that there has been a decline in the birth rate of children in almost all religions.

In this report released on Tuesday, it has been said that there has been a decline in the total child birth rate among Indian Muslims. This rate was 4.4 children per woman in the year 1992, which has come down to 2.6 children in the year 2015. Pew Research said, “There has been a decline in child birth rates in every religious group in India. This includes majority Hindus, minority Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains.

“Muslims still continue to produce the largest number of children among large religious groups in India,” the report said. Next come the Hindus (2.1). People following Jainism are producing the least (1.2) children. The general pattern is the same as in 1992, when children were being born among Muslims at the highest rate of 4.4. After this Hindus were giving birth to children at the rate of 3.3. Piu said the wide gap in childbearing rates between Muslims and Hindus has also narrowed.


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