‘Extraordinary’ child came from Mars, took ‘rebirth’ on earth to save mankind, made shocking claims


A Russian child has made some claims that are hard to believe. In media reports, it is being called ‘Child Genius’ which has surprised the experts. This child is claiming that he is originally from Mars and has been ‘reborn’ on Earth. Boriska Kipriyanovich, a resident of Volgograd, Russia, says he lived on the Red Planet as a ‘Marsarian’ before starting his new life as a human.

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, his extraordinary information about space has surprised scientists around the world. This child was first revealed in 2017 when he issued some warnings about the earth at the age of 11. He claimed that his species had been completely destroyed in a nuclear conflict thousands of years ago. And now our earth is also moving in the same direction. Boriska said that the Earthlings would suffer the same devastation as ‘his people’. He said that he was sent here on a mission to save mankind.
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Age does not increase after 35 years on Mars
Boriska tells that he ‘remembers’ that he was a pilot on Mars and traveled to Earth after his planet was destroyed in a war. He claimed that some people still exist on Mars. He said that he had reincarnated on earth with ‘other people’ to save mankind from devastation. Boriska’s claims didn’t stop there, she said that some people on Mars are immortal and stop aging after the age of 35.

child is different from birth
The child said that the Martians are physically very tall and very technologically advanced. They are able to travel in space. He said that when I was 14-15 years old, I remember that war was going on on Mars. That’s why I often had to take part in air raids with a friend of mine. Mars spacecraft are round and very complex. Boriska’s mother said that her baby was born separated as she had raised her head without support only two weeks after being born.

Memory power surprised teachers
Doctors said that he was able to speak in a few months and that at the age of just one and a half years he was able to read and paint. After starting his studies, his memory power surprised the teachers. The parents said that they never taught Boriska specifically about space. Despite this, he often does surprising things in Mars, aliens and space. Researchers have described him as a very shy child with an above average brain.

boy from mars

Photo : YouTube/Project Camelot


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