Fear of Taliban repression, Saudi Arabia reached India’s refuge, what does Mohammed Salman want?


Riyadh/New Delhi
Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan arrived in New Delhi on Sunday on a visit to India. Prince Faisal, one of the top leaders of Saudi Arabia, has arrived in India at a time when the fear of repression of Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan is increasing. Upon reaching India, Prince Faisal gave a strong message that the Taliban must fulfill their promise on terrorists and an inclusive government. It is believed that the Taliban can remain the focal point of talks between India and Saudi Arabia. Let’s understand the whole matter…

Prince Faesal will also meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his two-day visit to India. This is the first visit by a Saudi leader to India since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the first visit by a Saudi leader to India after the Taliban took over. “We have had a very effective exchange of views on Afghanistan, the Gulf countries and the Indo-Pacific region,” External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said after meeting Prince Faisal.
‘The Taliban will have to keep the promises made to the world’, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bluntly
Taliban moving towards radical Islamic rule
Talmiz Ahmed, who was India’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, tells Arab News, “Saudi Arabia and India share common concerns about Afghanistan becoming a refuge for terrorists. If this happens then it can be very dangerous not only for the neighboring countries but for the whole world. He said, ‘It is natural that both the close partners will discuss Afghanistan. It reflects the deepening relationship between each other.

Talmiz Ahmed says, “We have a strategic council between us at the top level. Because of this, the relationship which started building against terrorism has now become very strong and has turned into a strategic partnership. Despite all the promises made by the Taliban, the new administration is moving towards the radical Islamic rule of the 1990s, especially with regard to women. Women are being laid off from work and they are becoming unemployed.

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After UAE, now exercises with Saudi Arabia, Indian Navy is raising a new army of friends in the GulfSaudi Arabia is opposing the export of terrorism
Even after coming to the Taliban regime, Saudi Arabia has shown no haste to recognize it. Prior to this, Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries to recognize the Taliban government in the 1990s. In such a situation, it is believed that in the coming times, Saudi Arabia can once again play a big role in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia, like India, continues to oppose the export of terrorism to Afghanistan. At the same time, India can vigorously raise the issue of activation of Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan with Saudi Arabia.

On reaching India, Prince Faisal has clearly said that the promises made by the Taliban to the world will have to be fulfilled. He told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India, ‘The Taliban has promised the international community security and not allowing terrorist groups to take root. And of course we have to find a way to hold them accountable. And this will require a coordinated approach among the international community. For the first time since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, Saudi has given such a clear opinion.

‘All parts of the society should be included in the government’
Prince Faisal said, ‘The command of Kabul is now in the hands of the Taliban. They are tasked with stabilizing the Afghan people, forming a government that provides the necessary security to the people of Afghanistan, as well as the necessary economic, social and other infrastructure. And I think the only way to achieve that is to involve all sections of the society.


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