Firing on the first anniversary of the death of American black George Floyd, family will meet President Biden today


In the US, in May last year, the first anniversary of the black George Floyd, who was killed by police, opened fire in Minneapolis. During this time, one person was injured due to being shot. However, police say the condition of the injured person is out of danger. Police have not yet been able to identify the attacker. George Floyd’s family is also scheduled to meet President Joe Biden this evening.

Firing at the site of George Floyd’s death
John Alder, spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, said in a statement that officers acted promptly on the sound of gunfire and a car reported two blocks away from the scene. The great thing is that the incident of firing took place at George Floyd Square, the place where the black was strangled to death by the police.

Police questioned the injured person
Police spokesman Elder said the information from the callers was that a suspicious vehicle was last seen exiting the area at a high speed. A short time later a man arrived at a nearby hospital for treatment after a gunshot wound. The police has also interrogated the person. The injured man was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.

30 bullets claimed to have been fired
Earlier, the Associated Press reported that people gathered at the death anniversary of George Floyd claimed to have fired bullets 30 times. These people gathered at George Floyd Square to attend a tribute gathering. On this occasion, a large number of people from all over America are arriving in Minneapolis.

The whole of America was burnt by Floyd’s death
Protests took place across America, even after the assassination of Ashwake George Floyd in Minnesota. At that time the police were also charged with vandalism. The situation had become so serious at the time that President Donald Trump had to go to the secret bunker after the violent protests outside the White House in Washington. A video of the incident also went viral, showing the convicted policeman pressing his knee above her neck. Floyd was also heard in the video complaining of not breathing.

Floyd was a suspect in the case of forgery
Police had said Floyd was a suspect in a case of forgery. During its investigation, he was ordered to get out of the car. After exiting, George Floyd shuffled with the police officers, in response to which he was handcuffed and dropped to the ground. During this time a police officer placed his knee on his neck which led to his death.


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