Good news: Dubai relaxes visa rules, companies will no longer be able to confiscate workers’ passports in UAE


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  • Dubai relaxes visa rules, will issue 5-year visa for foreign workers
  • Huge changes in labor laws in UAE will be implemented from February next year
  • Now companies will not be able to confiscate employees’ passports

Dubai has made a big announcement for foreign workers to boost economic competitiveness in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has announced the issuance of multiple entry visas for foreign employees working in firms based in the emirate. The duration of this visa will be 5 years. The United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates, also this week made drastic changes to new private sector labor laws. With this, the companies there will not be able to confiscate the passports of the workers. These laws are going to be effective from February next year.

Why UAE implemented labor reform law
The coronavirus pandemic has also caused great damage to the economy of the United Arab Emirates. For this reason, the UAE is busy attracting investment and foreigners to help the economy recover. For this reason, the UAE has initiated economic and legal reforms, including long-term residency visas. Apart from this, the UAE is also trying to beat Saudi Arabia in the race to become a major trading center in the region.

Crown Prince of Dubai praised
The Crown Prince of Dubai said that the five-year multiple entry visa will help employees of Dubai-based companies easily move in and out of the emirate for meetings and other business needs. Earlier, the UAE has also opened the doors of its country to travelers who have received the full dose of the Covid vaccine. Lakhs of workers of India are also expected to benefit from this.

What is the purpose of this law
At the federal level, a new labor law announced on Monday has been announced, said Abdulrahman Al-Awar, UAE Minister of Human Resources and Emirates. It aims to make the UAE a skilled labor market, attract talent, empower women, and improve compared to Emirati citizens in the private sector dominated by expatriate workers. The ministry has also said that one of its provisions prohibits companies from forcibly binding the passports of their employees.

Millions of Indian workers will benefit
The ministry also said that when this law comes into force, workers will not be forced to leave the UAE after the contract expires. Many human rights groups have long fought over labor reforms in the UAE. After which the UAE has now reformed these laws.


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