Harvest Moon 2021: The ‘last’ chance to see the moon full of eyes, the sky will be immersed in the moonlight of the full moon for three days


Last week the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter together formed a beautiful triangle in the sky. Now from Monday night, the moon is going to become even more likeable. Along with the full moon, the moon is seen in its full beauty in the northern hemisphere of the earth. The moon seen in September is special because it will be very bright for three days. This will be the last Full Moon of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and will be followed by the autumn season.

It has been named ‘Harvest Moon’ which is usually seen in September and sometimes in October. It is called the Harvest Moon because it is the time of harvesting of crops in Europe and America. During this, the moon becomes visible shortly after sunset and remains till late at night. In this way, the light lasts longer for the farmers going to harvest.

most illuminated
It has started showing from dusk and will give a natural glow in the dark darkness of night. The moon will be the brightest on Monday night and its brightness will be about 99.9%. After this, it will start entering the next phase from Tuesday morning. However, for about three days it will look as if it is a full moon. The next day on September 22, the Autumn Equinox will start.

Love Triangle in Sky: Saturn, Jupiter and Moon forming triangles in the sky, will see amazing view
rare sight
At the same time, Jupiter and Saturn, seen in a triangle with the moon last week, are now moving away. Earlier on December 21, such a view was seen from the earth which had not decreased for the last 400 years and had not been visible for 800 years. When viewed from Earth, Jupiter and Saturn seemed so close as if they were one. Due to both the planets, people from all over the world became witnesses of this rare event called the Great Conjunction.

Tonight there will be ‘starry rain’ from the sky, see the view like this


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