ISI Chief Faiz Hamid transferred, made Peshawar Corps Commander for friendship with Taliban


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  • Pakistani intelligence agency ISI chief Lt Gen Faiz Hamid transferred
  • Appointed Commander of Peshawar Corps of Pakistan Army
  • Peshawar Corps protects Pakistan-Afghanistan border

Lt Gen Faiz Hamid, the chief of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, has been transferred. Now he has been made the new commander of Peshawar Corps of Pakistan Army. The Peshawar Corps guards the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. In such a situation, Faiz Hamid will further strengthen his friendship with the Taliban who are in power in Afghanistan.

Faiz’s strong hold on Taliban
ISI Chief Faiz Hamid went on a tour of Afghanistan soon after the Taliban took over Kabul. Here he also met many top leaders of the Taliban. It goes so far as to say that it was only after his intervention that the power struggle in the Taliban ended. After this the Taliban announced their new Islamic Emirate government in Afghanistan.

Pakistan army chief may become ‘butcher of Panjshir’, wife caught with girlfriend
Preparations to be made Chief of Pak Army in 2022
According to Pakistani media reports, after the end of the tenure of the current Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, General Faiz can be made the army chief of the country in the year 2022. Faiz Hamid and Prime Minister Imran Khan share a very good relationship. In such a situation, just before the general elections of Pakistan, he can be given the command of the Pakistani army.

navbharat times
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Faiz Hamid gets reward for possession of Panjshir
General Faiz played a major role not only in bringing Taliban rule to Afghanistan but also in crushing the insurgents led by Ahmed Masood in Panjshir. Sirajuddin Haqqani has been made the Home Minister of Afghanistan under the pressure of General Faiz. Not only this, now ISI is training Taliban soldiers. Many officers of the Pakistan Army are currently in Afghanistan.

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Faiz Hamid was caught with girlfriend
This is the same infamous General Faiz who has been in controversies even in his own country regarding girlfriend ‘General Rani’. The discussion of the current ISI Chief General Faiz Hamid’s love affair with a Pakistani journalist is on everyone’s tongue. According to Pakistani media, General Faiz and his ‘General Rani’ were in an objectionable condition at home and during this time the ISI chief’s wife came and caught her red-handed.

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Wife opened fire after seeing it with girlfriend
Seeing the handiwork of the ISI chief, his wife became so angry that she opened fire. An attempt was made to suppress the incident but it came in the media. Hamid Mir, a Geo TV journalist, warned the ISI chief that if there were more attacks on journalists, he would reveal to the world the full details of his relationship with the new General Rani. Pakistani journalists keep alleging that the country’s military officers and diplomats go to America to spend the night with women.


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