ISIS in the conspiracy to attack Kabul airport, Taliban also ‘scared’ by alert from US intelligence agencies


US intelligence agencies have warned that ISIS terrorists are planning to attack Kabul airport. After which the American soldiers deployed in the security of the airport have been made more alert. Intelligence agencies have issued a very specific alert saying that the Khorasan Module (ISIS-K) of ISIS is planning to attack people outside Kabul International Airport. The great thing is that this alert of America has also been accepted by the Taliban.

The White House also gave the same warning
The White House has already warned that the longer US troops sent to evacuate civilians, are in Afghanistan, the more likely it is that Kabul airport will be attacked. In such a situation, America has announced to withdraw all its soldiers from Afghanistan by 31 August. At the same time, many of America’s allies are opposing this decision.

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Airport security beefed up after alert
CNN, citing an unnamed US defense official, said the input raised US concerns about airport security. A large number of local citizens have gathered outside the airport to leave Afghanistan after the occupation of Kabul. In such a situation, the challenges of securing the airport in the midst of such a crowd have also increased.

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Khurasan module can attack
The source said that the terrorists of the ISIS Khorasan module are preparing to create more chaos at the already chaotic airport. For this they are reportedly planning to carry out several attacks. A Taliban spokesman also acknowledged reports about possible attacks from the ISIS-Khorsan branch in an interview with CNN. A few days ago, the Taliban had caught 4 ISIS fighters from outside the airport.

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Taliban asked people to return from outside the airport
The Taliban have also asked people not to go to the airport in large numbers. On the same day the Taliban closed the airport routes to Afghan citizens. After which now only foreign nationals are going towards Kabul Airport. The Taliban has said that it will not tolerate US troops at the airport for a single day after August 31.

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ISIS-K has already carried out attacks
The Khurasan module of ISIS has carried out several terrorist attacks in Afghanistan in the past. The terror group claimed responsibility for the deadly May bombings on a girls’ school in Kabul, killing 68 people and injuring 165. ISIS-K also attacked the British-American HALO Trust in June, killing 10 and injuring 16 others.

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American soldiers stationed at Kabul Airport


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