‘magical’ colored lights scattered on the earth as seen from space, ‘four moons’ also started


The view of the earth from space itself looks very beautiful. If the light on it is of the rays of the sun hitting the ‘protection shield’ of the earth, then a different magical moment is created. One such picture from the International Space Station was taken by Astronaut Thoma Peske of France. The special thing was that ‘four moons’ were also engaged in this lovely view of the earth.

Why is this picture special?
Actually, Thomas took this picture on the full moon day i.e. on full moon. Thoma clicked this picture when the ISS was orbiting the Earth. In this, the light of Aurora was seen spreading its shade, but apart from this, the moon in full bloom had also illuminated the dark part of the earth like a day. Thoma went to the ISS in April and will return to Earth in November.

He often shares spectacular pictures of the earth from the sky. Aurora is not only his favorite, he also captures citylights very beautifully in his camera. He also has a lot of following on social media.

When the particles emanating from the explosion on the Sun collide with the Earth’s magnetic field and the upper atmosphere, which emits many colors of light from them. Northern Lights or Aurora borealis and Southern Lights or Aurora australis look like a laser light show in the sky. Many times such a view is seen from the south and north poles of the earth, which does not seem less than the magic of nature.

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