Mehul Choksi: Fugitive Mehul Choksi admitted to hospital in Dominica, chances of extradition to India soon bleak


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  • Diamond trader Mehul Choksi has been admitted to a hospital in the Caribbean country of Dominica
  • It is being told that the vigil has been taken to the China Friendship Hospital in Dominica.
  • Mehul Choksi’s lawyer has also confirmed his client’s hospitalization.

Mehul Choksi, a diamond businessman who has been absconding by crores of rupees from Indian banks, has been admitted to the hospital in the Caribbean country of Dominica. Mehul’s corona report has come negative. It is being told that Mehul Choksi has been taken to the China Friendship Hospital in Dominica. Mehul’s lawyer has also confirmed his client’s hospitalization. This fresh bet by the fugitive businessman seems to be revoking the possibility of his extradition to India soon.

Why Mehul Choksi has been taken to the hospital is yet to be ascertained. Meanwhile, it is being said that two Indian agents allegedly involved in the kidnapping of Mehul Choksi have now moved out of Dominica. It is being told that these agents, named Bhandal Gurjeet and Singh Gurmeet, have now left Dominica after going to court. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Brown, made a new disclosure. He said that Choksi might have gone to neighboring country Dominica via yacht to have dinner with his girlfriend or to spend a ‘good time’.

‘Went to Dominica to have girlfriends dinner or have a good time’
According to the ‘Antiga News Room’, Brown said that Dominica’s government and law enforcement agencies may extradite her to India because she is an Indian citizen. He said, ‘According to the information we are getting, Mehul Choksi may have gone to Dominica to have dinner or spend a good time with his girlfriend and was caught there. This would be a historical mistake because Choksi is a citizen in Antiga and we cannot extradite him. ‘

Brown said, ‘The problem is that if Choksi is sent back because he is a citizen of Antiga, even though his citizenship is unstable, he still has constitutional and statutory protection. We have no doubt that eventually Choksi’s citizenship will be revoked as he did not disclose information about himself.

Choksi caught in neighboring Dominica
According to ‘Antiga News Room’, a private aircraft of Qatar Airways landed at Douglas-Charles Airport in Dominica, after which there has been speculation about Choksi’s extradition. Choksi, who went missing under mysterious circumstances from Antiga and Barbuda, was caught in the neighboring Dominica. Brown told the Redisha show that the aircraft had arrived from India with the documents required for Choksi’s extradition.

Indian authorities, however, have not officially confirmed this. According to publicly available data from Q7’s executive flight A7CEE, the aircraft took off from Delhi airport at 3.44 am on May 28 and reached Dominica at 1.16 pm local time the same day.


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