Most Expensive Drug: The world’s most expensive drug will save the life of a 5-month-old baby, injecting ₹ 17 Cr for the first time


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Five-month-old Arthur Morgan has a disease that kills his muscles. Every year only 60 children worldwide suffer from this deadly disease. More than half of the children suffering from this disease named Spinal Muscular Atrophy do not survive more than two years, but a few years ago there was a hope of winning it and today its treatment is possible with the world’s most expensive medicine. It is done. A lot of improvement has been seen in children with just one dose of it and it is expected that in the coming time its more benefits will be even more…

This medicine can save lives

Reece and Rosie’s son Arthur also had trouble sitting upright and keeping his head straight. Three weeks later he was given gene therapy Zolgensma. This drug made in America is considered to be the most expensive medicine in the world. The cost of a single dose of it is more than £17 lakh, or about Rs 16.9 crore. Studies have found that it can protect against paralysis. It is given by IV drip and produces a protein that is not produced in SMA sufferers.

What is this disease?

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Britain’s National Health System (NHS) has signed a deal with Novartis Gene Therapies. SMA is a disease in which type 1 muscle is lost. In this, the body stops producing a protein called SMN which is necessary for the growth and movement of muscles. Over time, the muscles of the chest begin to fade, which increases the difficulty in breathing and makes it difficult for a child to live beyond two years.

The medicine given to Arthur

Got treatment 3 years ago


About three years ago, in a 2017 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that all 15 children who were given this injection could survive for 20 months, compared to only 8 percent of children in earlier research. who were not treated. 12 out of 15 children were given higher doses and at 20 months of age 11 could sit without help and two could even walk. The biggest thing is that with this they do not need to keep them on ventilator. This treatment has been invented recently, so it will have to be seen later.


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