Mysterious wreckage found on the seashore, ancient ship of British rule buried under the sand?


A mysterious wreck of a ship has been found on the seashore in Latvia, Europe. It is estimated that this debris, about 40 feet long, is hundreds of years old. The local people discovered it on a seashore called Daugavgrīva, near the country’s capital, Riga. Seeing the debris floating on the surface of the water, people came closer, but excavation and investigation revealed the huge wreckage of the ship.

One part of the ship is 39 feet long and 13 feet wide. There is no information about where this ship is from, but on the basis of evidence found from the wreckage, it is being claimed that it is hundreds of years old. Thousands of copper nails were found in the wreck, indicating that the ship had a hull attached to it by copper nails. It was popular among Royal Navy ships as well as merchant ships in the 1800s.
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The ship may be hidden under the sand
An archaeologist who examined the wreck said it was becoming more clear than we were looking for. This discovery is much bigger than we predicted. He said that we have got rid of the sand sheet about 11 meters long and at least four meters wide. Maybe it’s not all that debris, maybe a whole ship hidden under the sand. The country’s National Cultural Heritage Board said that it is possible that this ship is from the 19th century. The plating of copper under ships was introduced by the British in the late 18th century.

Britain’s ship
The wood used in the wreck is oak which was a popular shipbuilding material in Britain until the mid-1800s. Archaeologists are currently trying to figure out how best to excavate and examine the rubble. The ship has been reburied to preserve it until then. The teams will now try to find the debris buried under the ground with radar.


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