NASA preparing to set up Wi-Fi network on the Moon, there will be no internet problem in space anymore


US space agency NASA is considering setting up a Wi-Fi network on the Moon. This has been revealed in a recent study. This will try to ease Internet inconvenience in parts of the US and support future Artemis missions. Mary Lobo, director at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, said in a press release that this is an excellent opportunity to develop solutions to the challenges of sending astronauts to the Moon under Artemis and the growing problems in our society.

The curtain on the Artemis program was lifted last year. Its mission is to send humans to the Moon for the first time since 1972. It plans to launch an unmanned mission to the Moon in 2021, send a crew closer to the Moon in 2023, and land a man on the Moon in 2024. A recent study on the Wi-Fi program has been done by NASA’s Compass Lab. Speaking to Insider, Compass Lab’s Steve Olson said the study is important because the crew, rovers, science and mining equipment attached to the Artemis Basecamp will need a better connection to keep in contact with Earth.
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Lack of better internet service in America
NASA said in a press release that digital inequality and lack of access to better Internet service are a widespread socioeconomic concern across the United States that has been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, about 31 percent of Cleveland homes do not have broadband access. Earlier there was news that NASA is going to start its next ‘Moon Mission’ to the moon. The goal of this mission is to build a permanent crew station on the lunar surface.

NASA’s Next Moon Mission
For this, before sending an astronaut to the moon, the agency is launching a golf-court-sized robot at the moon’s cold, shadowy South Pole. The name of this rover will be VIPER i.e. Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover. This rover will spend 100 days in search of water sources on the surface of the Moon. This will be the first survey related to the South Pole of the Moon.


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