NASA saw X-rays coming from Uranus, but how is it possible?


Uranus, the planet Uranus, is located at the outer edge of our solar system. It is very far from Earth and so far only one spacecraft Voyager 2 has reached it. Therefore, getting information about it has always been a challenge for astronomers. Now recently a strange thing has come to light about it. In fact, it has been found to emit X-rays.

Actually, astronomers studied the data of 2002 and 2017 from Chandra X-Ray Observatory. X-rays were visible in both of them. Pink X-rays appeared on the blue-white planet in the picture. Now the question is how did this happen?

How was X-ray born?
Researchers believe that what is happening here is also happening on Jupiter and Saturn. According to him, the atmosphere of Uranus is scattering the X-rays coming from the Sun. Another possibility has been raised that the rings of Uranus, like Saturn, are emitting X-rays. At the same time, other scientists believe that this light can also be produced due to Aurora.

However, how Aurora formed on the icy planet is a question in itself. Uranus is tilted to one side, which also affects its magnetic field. At present, scientists are keeping an eye on the data received from Chandra itself. They hope that with its help more information can be found about Uranus.


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