Omicron News: Even after recovering from corona, the risk of getting infected with Omicron, study reveals scary


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  • Omicron increased the risk of corona re-infection
  • South African doctors said – people who have been infected before can also come in the grip
  • People who were previously infected due to the delta variant were less prone to re-infection

The Hague
Scientists in South Africa have warned that people who have had COVID-19 are at risk of being infected with the new form of the virus, Omicron. These people are more likely to be infected with Omicron than other variants, including Delta. A group of researchers is studying cases of re-infection in South Africa.

Omicron increased cases of re-infection
They have discovered that there has been an increase in cases of re-infection since the arrival of Omicron. This has not been observed in previously reported virus types, including Delta. The results of this research were published online on Thursday. These results are preliminary and have not yet been scientifically reviewed. Researchers have not said how many cases of re-infection are with Omicron.

More chance of infection than Delta
It is also not said whether those infected with Omicron became seriously ill. One of the researchers, Ann von Gottberg from the University of the Witwatersrand, told a World Health Organization press briefing on Thursday: “The delta type of protection from the first infection was there, but this is not the case with Omicron.”

There is no information about the effect of the vaccine
The study also did not present data about the protection provided by vaccination. Von Gottberg said that we believe that getting seriously ill can be prevented by vaccination. Many countries have already restricted the arrival of international travelers due to the threat of Omicron. This virus has spread in more than 31 countries.


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