Pakistan ceasefire with terrorist TTP, America’s most wanted mediation


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  • ceasefire agreement between pakistan government and terrorist organization ttp
  • Both sides will not attack each other for a month, Taliban mediate
  • TTP was creating panic in Pakistan, used to target Pakistan Army

Fearing the infamous terrorist organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Government of Pakistan has signed a ceasefire agreement. The role of mediator in this agreement has been played by America’s most wanted terrorist and Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani. The leader of the Haqqani network, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is said to be the pet of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Pakistan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry has confirmed this agreement.

TTP and Pak government confirmed
TTP spokesman Mohammad Khorsani said in a statement that both sides would respect the period of the ceasefire that began on Tuesday. This can be further extended with the consent of both the parties. On Pakistan’s state television (PTV), Fawad Chaudhry said that there has been a complete ceasefire between the Rakar and the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

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ceasefire will continue for a month
Fawad Chaudhry said that talks are going on between the Government of Pakistan and the TTP as per the constitution and keeping in mind the progress of the talks, the ceasefire will be extended. He said the country’s sovereignty, national security, peace in the respective areas and social and economic stability would be discussed during the talks. He openly admitted that the Taliban government in Afghanistan had assisted in this agreement.

navbharat times
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Pakistan Taliban is TTP
TTP also known as Pakistani Taliban, is a banned terrorist organization operating along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It has carried out several attacks in Pakistan in more than a decade, in which thousands of people have died. It allegedly uses the territory of Afghanistan to plot terrorist attacks against Pakistan.

navbharat timesPakistan surrenders to terrorist organization TTP, will make peace agreement with the help of Haqqani
Taliban helped in agreement
The government of Pakistan is now using the influence of the Taliban in Afghanistan to try to negotiate a peace deal with the TTP and stop the violence. The statement said that the TTP is an Islamic Jihadi campaign, which also includes the people of Pakistan and has always given priority to the interest of the country. It said that one cannot deny the fact that negotiations are a part of war.

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Imran Khan had also accepted the ‘truth’
The TTP also agreed to form negotiating teams, which would carry forward the peace process in the light of demands from both sides. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed in an interview last month that his government was in talks with the TTP for a reconciliation with the help of the Taliban in Afghanistan. He was criticized a lot by many politicians and many people who became victims of terrorism for this matter.

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Siraduddin Haqqani is a global terrorist
Global terrorist Sirajuddin Haqqani has close links with Pakistan. The US has declared a reward of several million dollars on him. But, due to the influence of ISI, he got the position of Home Minister in the Taliban government despite lakhs of opposition. Sirajuddin is the person due to whom Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Baradar and Defense Minister Mullah Yusuf are hiding outside Kabul. Both of them openly opposed Sirajuddin.

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