Poison spewed on India, fire started in Afghanistan… Pakistan is unable to extinguish the flames in its own house


Pakistan leaves no stone unturned to spit venom on India, while one crisis after another in its own house continues to arise. Pakistani media also keeps revealing its government and from the recent reports it can be gauged how the situation in the neighboring country from political and economic situation to security is deteriorating. People are asking questions to their representatives and the government has faced severe criticism for its negligence.

‘Stepla’ treatment with Balochistan
Recently, the incident of damage to the statue of Mohammad Ali Jinnah came to light. A hand grenade was hurled at Gwadar’s Marine Drive. The statue collapsed in the attack and the Baloch Republican Army also claimed responsibility for the attack. On the other hand, according to the Express Daily report, tribal and political leaders of Balochistan held a meeting and condemned the government for not paying attention to the province.

US report showed a mirror to Pakistan, which is spewing poison on India, is the home of 12 terrorist organizations
‘…then there will be a mass movement’
These leaders complain that not only are the basic needs being met in the area, let alone development. He even says that he is being treated step-motherly. The infrastructure is in disrepair, there is a lack of clean drinking water, there is no electricity, due to which the business is badly battered. These leaders have demanded that the government should take immediate steps to improve the situation. Failure to do so has threatened a mass movement.

navbharat times

self ignited fear of fire
On the other hand, corruption in security-sensitive sectors within the country also remains a matter of concern. According to Daily Islam, the Senate committee has raised the issue of giving fake identity cards to foreigners as well as terrorists and closed organizations. According to the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), several Afghan nationals have been arrested with ID cards obtained from NADRA.

navbharat timesBaloch inflicted deep wounds on Pakistan, know the meaning of blowing up the statue of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Crisis deepens on Afghanistan border
The FIA ​​has indicated that 50% of NADRA staff is involved in corruption. Not only this, it has also been alleged that Abdullah Baruch, a member of Al-Qaeda, has received fake ID cards from NADRA several times. Due to the recently changed situation in neighboring Afghanistan, it cannot be denied that the security of the Pakistani border may face a challenge. The price of supporting the Taliban may also come to be paid here.

navbharat timesFierce attack by Baloch rebels in Quetta, 4 Pakistani soldiers killed, two injured
Government ‘hooligandi’ in Sindh
At the same time, according to Sindh Express, Jalal Mohammad Shah, the leader of Sindh and convener of Sindh Action Committee, has claimed that the hunger strike is over but the agitation will continue. He is protesting against the illegal detention of people in the province. Several activists of Sindh Action Committee have been detained. It has been claimed that he is being imprisoned by making false allegations against him. He has appealed to the Supreme Court to take cognizance of land grabbing cases in Sindh.

navbharat times15 lakh applications for the post of peon in Pakistan, M.Phil pass is also trying luck
unemployment at its peak
Hunger strikes, security-threatening incidents, terrorist attacks, government kidnappings are becoming more common in the country. The corona virus epidemic has also completely broken the back of the already crumbling economy. In a recent report, it was told that 24% of the educated people of the country are unemployed. If people do not get jobs, they start studying more. Even those having a degree like M Phil are compelled to apply for the job of a peon in the court.

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