Punishment For Rape: Horrific punishment for rapists across the world


Pakistan has approved a stringent law to check the increasing incidents of rape across the country. This law will also make habitual rapists impotent through chemical means. The Imran Khan government was under pressure to implement stricter laws after the rising rape incidents in Pakistan. Now a separate court will be set up for rape cases and fast-track trial will also take place in it. The courts will complete the hearing in four months. The Anti-Rape Cell will get the victim investigated within six hours of the incident being reported. Under the ordinance, the accused will not be allowed to cross-examine a rape victim. Only the judge and the lawyer appearing for the accused will be able to question and answer the victim. Policemen and government officials who are negligent in investigation can be imprisoned for up to three years and also fined. The identity of the victims will not be revealed and action will be taken against those who reveal the identity. In India also, there is a provision of capital punishment in the rarest of rape cases. Know which laws are applicable against rape in the countries of the world …

Rapists are hanged in China

Rape convicts in China are given the direct death penalty. Apart from this, in many cases such culprits have also been killed by giving electric shock. Apart from this, there is also a provision of punishment for mutilating the private part of rapists in China. China has never disclosed the number of people sentenced to death in its country. But it is believed that every year hundreds of people in this country are sentenced to death for many different crimes.

Throat is cut with a sword in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is known for its strict laws. In this country, a rape convict is publicly slit with a sword at the crossroads. Apart from this, there is also a provision of stoning and hanging the guilty. All these punishments are given in front of the public. Due to which the fear of crime is created in the people. Not only this, Saudi Arabia even cuts off the hand of the criminal for theft. Islamic police in Saudi Arabia play a big role in implementing this punishment.

stoning to death in iraq

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Rape convicts in Iraq are brutally given the death penalty. During Saddam Hussein’s tenure, many rapists were stoned to death. In this, the culprits are stoned till their death. The family members of the victim and the common people are also included in the stone pelters to create fear in the hearts of the criminals.

Rapists are shot in the head in North Korea

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Kim Jong Un is sentenced to death directly after being convicted of rape in North Korea. For this, the culprits are immediately presented in front of the firing squad of the army. Where they are roasted with rifles or anti-aircraft guns. Anti-aircraft guns break the body of criminals into pieces. In some cases, rapists in North Korea are publicly shot in the head.

Provision of death penalty in America

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In America, there is a provision to give death penalty to rapists. There are two types of laws in this country, first state law (law of the state) and second federal law (law of the center). If a rape case is tried under federal law, the rapist can be sentenced to 30 years in prison. At the same time, the laws of the state i.e. state are different in every state.


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