QUAD Summit: Xi Jinping’s ambitious project completed on the day of BRI, India-US found the cut!


New Delhi/Washington
The Quad, built to counter China’s aggressive expansionism, has found a cut in Xi Jinping’s ambitious project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). A big announcement on infrastructure building in the Indo-Pacific is likely to be made at the Quad Summit to be held in Washington DC next week. On this issue, all the member countries of the Quad are preparing for their declaration to be released on 24 September.

PM Modi-Biden to hold meeting outside Quad
Meanwhile, a bilateral meeting between PM Modi and Biden may also take place ahead of the Quad summit on September 24. It has been named the Modi-Biden summit. This will be the first time since Joe Biden took office that the two leaders will meet face-to-face. However, earlier it was planned that the India-US bilateral meeting would take place on September 23, the Quad Summit on September 24 and PM Modi’s address at the United Nations General Assembly on September 25. But now the plan of 23 September has been proposed only on 24 September.

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America engaged in planning to surround China
Since its withdrawal from Afghanistan, America has started preparing to surround its second biggest enemy, China. Actually, China has taken America’s vacant place in Afghanistan. Its direct effect is being seen on the world order. The Biden administration, which is facing criticism all over the world, is now insisting on a plan to counter China at all costs. This is the reason that just a few days ago the US and Britain had executed the AUKUS agreement with Australia.

navbharat times
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AUKUS agreement is also part of this
Through this agreement, America will give the technology of its nuclear submarines to Australia. The US has so far made such an agreement only with Britain. Apart from this, Tomahawk and Patriot missiles will also be given to Australia. The Australian Defense Minister has also confirmed that his country will build eight such nuclear-powered submarines. If it is compared with the nuclear submarines of China, then the submarines of America are equipped with many times more fire power.

navbharat timesQuad summit to be held in America on September 24, PM Modi will participate
China is investing rapidly in the defense sector
China is furiously building its defense platforms but nuclear submarines are still out of reach. Experts say this would give Australia an advantage to compensate for China’s military modernization in that region. The Quad Summit is likely to take that axis forward.

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Virtual meeting was held in March also
At the Quad virtual summit in March, the four countries focused their attention on vaccines, critical and emerging technologies and climate change. Indian company Biological E is on track to start production of Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine for Indo-Pacific countries by early 2022, officials say.

navbharat timesChina flared up again on Quad Summit, said – some countries are gaining entry citing Chinese threat
This initiative will beat China’s BRI
The main goal of Quad’s infrastructure initiative is to beat China’s BRI with its money. The plan to develop infrastructure through Quad is completely different from the principles of China’s BRI. At the SCO summit on Friday, PM Modi had also said that all connectivity initiatives should be consultative, transparent and implemented with due respect to the territorial integrity of all countries.

QUAD China 01

Head of the Quad Countries and Jinping


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