Russia deploys army on Ukraine border, angry US sends CIA chief to threaten Moscow


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  • US sends CIA chief to Moscow to threaten Russia
  • America is upset by the deployment of Russian army on the Ukraine border
  • Russia has sent troops to Ukraine border, due to deepening of tension, energy crisis also increased

The US is in action regarding the deployment of Russian forces on the Ukraine border. US President Joe Biden sent CIA chief William Burns to Moscow to warn Russia. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have increased pressure on the Biden administration, demanding that the United States deploy its troops near Ukraine to quell Russian military offensives.

CIA chief arrives in Moscow to threaten Russia
The CNN report claimed that the US had sent the CIA chief to Moscow to put pressure on Russia. Joe Biden’s purpose was for William Burns to let Russia know that the US was closely monitoring the deployment of its troops near the Ukrainian border. The visit of the chief of the US intelligence agency to Russia is considered quite rare.

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CIA chief talks with Russian officials
The report claimed that CIA Chief Burns interacted directly with senior security officials involved in military activity in the Kremlin. Ukrainian sources briefed about the meeting said Burns shared with Russian officials America’s concerns about the irregular deployment of troops and weapons along the Ukrainian border.

navbharat times
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US in constant contact with Ukraine
The Biden administration has stepped up its efforts in recent days to defuse rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Sources told CNN that after their meetings in Russia, CIA Chief Burns spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the phone. On Thursday, the US also sent a senior State Department official to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to defuse new tensions in the region.

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America taking seriously the deployment of Russian army
The latter’s high level of diplomacy and flurry from the US shows how seriously the Biden administration is taking Russian military deployments. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have also exacerbated the energy crisis in Kiev. An adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky said the military deployment and the halting of fuel supplies reflected Russia’s increasing level of aggression.

navbharat timesRussia furious over proposal to deploy US air defense in Ukraine, said provocative action
America said – if Russia attacked then it…
On the other hand, US Defense Ministry Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Friday that the deployment of Russian forces along the Ukrainian border is unusual. We are continuing to monitor this closely. He clearly said that any aggressive or aggressive action by Russia would be a matter of great concern for America. It is believed that America will have to come forward to help Ukraine.

Russian Army 01

Russian army on Ukraine border


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