Scorpions used to rule the sea of ​​China as long as humans, used to eat fishes 43 million years ago


About 435 million years ago, a giant scorpion ruled the seas of China. This scorpion, about 3.3 feet, or about 1 meter long, used its huge and barbed hands for hunting. Archaeologists have recently discovered the remains of this ancient scorpion known as Terropterus xiushanensis. Researchers disclosed this in Science Bulletin Magazine.

‘It probably used its barbed hands to hunt,’ wrote study co-author Bo Wang. The dangerous creature Silurian was found from 443.8 million to 419.2 million years ago. At that time these scorpions were the most dangerous predators hunting in the water. They may have made fish and mollusks their prey. They used to catch the prey with their fangs and big hands and put it in their mouth. Millions of years ago, an organism smaller than 0.02 inches was frozen in gum, a new species was found if you looked carefully
largest scorpion equal to human
The sizes of the scorpions varied. The smallest of these scorpions was the size of a human hand and the largest was almost equal to that of an adult human. According to the report of Live Science, this species was first discovered 80 years ago. Earlier, scientists had discovered a very rare fossil which was frozen in the gum of a tree 16 million years ago. In this fossil, scientists had found an unknown species of tardigrade.

New species of tardigrade discovered
The discovery of a new species of tardigrade was claimed in research published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. This species was found frozen within gum in the Dominican Republic. The new species was so well preserved that it was easily discovered by scientists. University of North Florida professor Frank Smith said the fossil record claims only two types of tardigrades. In such a situation, the discovery of the third species is a big deal.


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